The dawn of a new era for our country is upon us. Divisiveness has eroded our mutual respect for one another. For the stability and welfare of the nation, a peaceful separation must be explored. It is the hope, that one day, Californians and Americans can co-exist independent of each other as neighbors, partners in trade, and friendly allies.

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About Us

Joe Payne | Co-Founder

From a young age, Joe has always had a passion for politics and the media. A former Marine, Joe knows the honor and commitment it takes to put country over self. In a similar capacity, as a Realtor, Joe learned the fiduciary duty one owes to the people they serve. With a varied range of combined experiences, Joe is poised to direct a successful political action committee in order to advance the cause for independence and allow the prosperity for all citizens.

Lou Payne | Co-Founder

Having been imparted a strong sense of social justice at a young age, Lou has dedicated her life to helping her fellow citizens. As a performance improvement nurse, she actively engages multidisciplinary departments of her hospital in order to improve the quality of care for patients in her community. Whether Lou is advocating for patients or people, she endeavors to make enhancements in all aspects of the life she cultivates for herself and the lives she touches.